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Web Toolbars are an important component of Web 2.0. They have revolutionized the way people use the Internet and have given rise to dramatically new ways in which businesses are interacting with their customers.

This website is dedicated to free web toolbars. Click on the image of any toolbar below to install it to your computer in a few seconds. You can also find interesting toolbar-related articles and discussions on this website.

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Yahoo versus Qihoo ó Giants Fight Over Toolbar in China!
Web toolbars are getting hotter! Yahoo China has spent millions to promote its toolbar. A rival portal, Qihoo, is now using its new anti-spyware program, 360 Safe, to prompt users to uninstall this toolbar. MoreĽ


Nifty Web 2.0 Toolbar

Personally, Iím very excited about web toolbars. So, you can imagine my glee when I came across a very nifty Web 2.0 toolbar that lists several Web 2.0 sites right in your browser! MoreĽ


Use Web Toolbars to Raise the Bar on Customer Communications

A bank can create a toolbar featuring RSS feeds. When customers install this toolbar on their PCs, they will receive automatic notifications from the bank whenever they are online, without visiting the bankís website or placing a telephone call to the bankís call center. You can easily imagine the power of toolbar technologies to improve the way a company communicates with its customers.MoreĽ

Will Google Toolbar kill typed-in traffic?

Typed-in traffic, or what is also called direct navigation traffic, arises when someone types a search word or phrase into the browser's address bar instead of into the search box of the search engine.






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